Nick Carraway Essay

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How does F Scott FitzGerald present nick Carraway as a character and a narrator in the opening chapters of ‘The Great Gatsby’? F Scott FitzGerald presents Nick Carraway, the novels narrator as well as character as to having a special place within ‘The Great Gatsby’. As the story begins, nick Carraway; the story’s narrator reflects on himself, his upbringing and the knowledge he has been taught by his family members i.e. his father. He had been taught to reserve judgements about other people as if he was to compare them to himself he may misunderstand them. The readers learn more about the narrator in the form of a character as nick caraway reveals his past, education, social knowledge etc. The reader also realises further in the opening chapters that the narrator/character Nick Carraway goes against his words and upbringing in the brief mention of jay Gatsby and he judges him “there was something gorgeous about him”. This therefore gives the readers the impression that nick is a hypocritical character and could possibly be a biased narrator. F Scott FitzGerald presents Nick Carraway as a character and narrator by showing in Nick’s own way that he has come “back from the East last autumn” fed up off his experiences there. This instantly informs the reader that nick as a character played a part in the story that has already taken place and is now narrating this story from memory. Nick is presented throughout the opening chapters as a young man from Minnesota whom after being educated at Yale and fighting the world war one, goes to New York City to learn the bond business. Nick has also rented a house in west egg, a fictional area of long Island that is home to most newly rich rather than east egg which is home to the ‘old money’. Coincidently the house is next door to, “the man who gives his name to this book,” Jay Gatsby and as the chapters go on, we later
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