Nicholas Mysterous Suntan

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Student’s Name: BIO169_SU2014 Case_10: Nicholas's Mysterious Suntan This case study presents a clinical situation related to the endocrine system. The questions at the each segment of the case will test your understanding of the endocrine system. Nicholas T., age 32, is a busy systems analyst for a computer manufacturer. Working his way up the corporate ladder, he travels extensively, putting in many hours without much sleep. Nicholas has a tendency to be overweight but continues to eat fatty foods and does not have an exercise program. He craves salty pretzels and potato chips. ? In recent months, however, he has often felt weak, and occasionally experiences dizziness when moving from a lying down to a sitting up position. ? He has no appetite and begins to lose weight. He has frequent episodes of diarrhea. His friends notice that he looks tan even though he rarely spends time in the sun. ? His tan extends to both sun-exposed and unexposed areas. Lately, he complains about cold weather and avoids traveling to cold climates, even when such travel might benefit his career. He requests a transfer to the company office in Houston. ? Q. What hormones are related to Na balance? Hormones related to Na is aldosterone and ADH. Q. What conditions might be causing dizziness and weakness? How does knowing the dizziness is related to changing position help determine the cause? Conditions that might cause dizziness could be hypotension, central nervous system and ear problems. Problems that would cause weakness is not being able to store fats and glucose. Knowing the relationship between dizziness and change of position indicates the problem could be from being dizzy or weak. Q. What cells in the skin are responsible for the production of tan? Cells that are responsible or the production of a tan is melanocytes. Q. What is hypothermia and what

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