Nicholas Ii Russia

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How effectively did Nicholas II deal with the problems facing Russia in the period 1894-1905 The Russo-Japanese war (1904-1905) revealed the weakness of Russia and how it being such a big country was a problem. The first mistake Nicholas made was underestimating the Japanese, they did have a strong army and their army was more modernised so the army and navy were far better prepared and equipped but their main advantage was that they were closer to Manchuria than Russia so reinforcements were deployed quicker. However it took Russia weeks to get their reinforcements to the battle field due to the country being so large, this lead to an easy victory to the Japanese and gave of the idea to the Russian people that Nicholas II was not a strong or good leader. The Russians saw japan as an inferior Asian country and this defeat was a humiliation and this would have made them want a new way to rule Russia, this was one of the factors that lead up to the revolution in 1905. After Alexander III died, he left a number of problems so when Nicholas II came to power; he already had enemies because many people (mainly the peasants) hated the idea of tsardom and were being suppressed, people referred to the peasants as ‘dark masses.’ Aggravating the peasants will surely lead to a rebellion, although this was fairly obvious, Nicholas II didn’t do much to improve the peasants lives, he also introduced anti-Semitism which then turned the Jews against the Tsar so Nicholas was creating more and more enemies. In the 1890s, Russia had an economic boom which was known as the great spurt, and with the help of Witte, the finance minister, they used this to their advantage to try to make Russia more modern. One of the ways in which they attempted this was to make a railway that goes across Russia, they believed that this was the starting point where Russia will become more modernised.
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