Nicholas Ii Comparison of Sources

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How are Source L and Source K different about Nicholas II? Nicholas II, last Tsar to reign over Russia, is portrayed very differently through the two sources, with Source L giving off the impression of a strong, democratic leader whereas Source K shows us his doubts towards reigning over Russia and how he felt he was unable to do so at this time. Through source L we see Nicholas II’s quotation of reinforcing the laws of autocracy and the Tsarist system is being told to the people of Russia, making him appear powerful and willing to make the same extreme decisions his father had put into place. However, due to source Ks context of it being a confidential diary entry, we are enabled to see his emotions concerning becoming Tsar and how he is not equipped to rule after his rather, Alexander III. Furthermore, the sources also have varying times they come from, whereas source K is imminent after the discovery of him being the new Tsar, source K is later on once he had experience ruling Russia for some time, although both are taken from 1895. Why do you think they are different? I believe the main reason for difference within the two sources in purely down to the audience it is being delivered too. Source K is a confidential diary entry; therefore this allowed Nicholas II to unveil his true emotions towards becoming Tsar, which we can see were feelings of him not being ready or capable to rule. The reason he sounds so unsure is also reinforced by the fact he would not of been able to open up about his weaknesses to other government officials or the people of Russia as he wished to keep the illusion of the strength of the Tsar. Moreover, this is shown through his different portrayal in Source L. In this speech we see a much more powerful portrayal of Nicholas II ensuring the ways of autocracy will not be changed, this change of tone comes from the fact he is delivering
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