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The night of Halloween On the night of Halloween October 31st. Everyone was sitting around the fireplace. There was a tap, tap, tap at the door. But they didn’t hear because it was to quite. BOOM, BOOM it knocked again. “AHH.” Someone screamed. As they fell in the fire place. “Help put the fire out. AHH help.” Screamed Bob. “Who’s th…..ere.” They asked almost together. “Hello I am on fire here anybody, help!” Said Bob again. No answer. “Oh it must be some children playing a trick on us.” “Now can you put out the fire?” Finally they put the fire out but not before all of his clothes where burnt. Bob got given new clothes. Then a brick flew through the window and hit Bob in the back and he went in the fire again. “Oh not again.” Bob said. “Help somebody please.” “What on earth is happening?” Jack said aloud. “Never mind that Bob is burning again!” Gasped Tina. Jack grabbed a blanket on the sofa and put the fire out. “That’s enough accidents for one day.” Sighed William. Later on John entered the house and was about to sit in his armchair when he noticed Bob. “Bob those clothes don’t seem to fit you.” “Yeah you should hear the story of what happened.” Bob told the story to John. “Oh my, what a strange Halloween it’s been.” Thought John. Somebody knocked on the door and John went to open it. It was some children wearing costumes, one looked like a witch but with out the huge warts. The other was meant to be a vampire. “Do you want some sweets?” Asked John. Then the vampire said “I want to suck your blood!” “Great acting you can have some extra sweets for that.” “No I really meant it.” Said the child seriously. “No body ever takes me seriously.” After that he stormed off. John came back in and said, “What a strange Halloween it’s been, I’m going to

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