Niccolo Paganini: a Comparison Between Ingres’s and Delacroix’s Painting Style Essay

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Niccolo Paganini: A comparison between Ingres’s and Delacroix’s painting style Samvit Kaura Understanding Art – 30 (GENED 1017-12S-30003) Professor Judith Gibson-Vick Sunday, July 22, 2012 Introduction These artworks come from two completely opposite art movements. Delacroix’s Romanticist Style and Ingres’s Neo-Classicist style portray the same subject with only one common thing in it which is the subject itself. Ingres’ style, Neo-Classicism was style of absolute truth which portrayed life as it is by its rules. Delacroix’s style, Romanticism on the other hand was portrayed life with freedom, and no rules and constraints. Romanticism and Neo-Classicism were looking at life from two different perspectives which were emotion and reason, respectively. Neoclassicism started in middle of the 18th century. It was a very educational movement for both its artists and its followers, who believed that arts should enlighten the path of knowledge and should have a reason for its make (Irwin, N.D.). Romanticism, even though it started in the same epoch as Neo-Classicism, but it’s style was more of modern than vintage. Romanticism saw things from a creative perspective which was beyond the actual appearance of things (Unknown, 2007). Language of Art Carefully balanced and composed with a single element, Line; Ingres has created the pictorial and illusionistic space, all with gestural and contour lines in his depiction of the Niccolo Paganini. Being from Neo-classicism, the work is purely representational and captures the physical likeness. The drawing, even though it shows details and skills, it looks unfinished, especially at the lower part of the sketch. It lacks any recreation of emotion, which is again a typical neoclassic trait. The repeated element Line forms a pattern that creates a visual harmony. The final appearance which is composed of line and contours

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