Nicaragua Country Analysis

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1. Introduction This report is a country notebook for a Chinese telecommunications company called Chang. The report will embrace a cultural analysis, economic analysis, market audit and competitor analysis and a preliminary marketing plan in order to identify if it will be profitable and advantageous for Chang to enter the Nicaraguan market. The cultural analysis will help understand for example how Chang will need to adapt to the infrastructure, which is part of the geographical setting and is unlike the western countries. The economic analysis will show the dynamics of the demographics, the wealth inequalities and inflation fluctuations. The market audit and competitor analysis will give a full-length overview of the product and will help understand the general telecommunications market in Nicaragua. The preliminary marketing plan will argument how Chang will implement and anchor its product into the Nicaraguan market. 2. Cultural analysis Introduction Chang is a Chinese telecom company and was founded in 1990 by Dr. Hao. Chang is currently established in Shanghai. Chang is a leader in China in developing low cost mobile phones with batteries that last up to 500 hours standby mode and have their own mobile network. Chang would want to export their mobile phones to Nicaragua and provide the poor Nicaraguans with the opportunity to buy a low cost phone and credits. Brief discussion of the country’s relevant history After having experienced Sandinista dictatorship the economy, political stability and respect for human rights improved after a government was elected in a democratically way from 1990-2006. In 2006 former Sandinista president Daniel Ortega returned to power after elections. The economy and infrastructure were hit hard by the 1992 earthquake, the 1998 hurricane Mitch and the earlier civil war. Everything is slowly being rebuilt, but

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