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Nic Jazz Concert Essay

  • Submitted by: levi0417
  • on December 16, 2012
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Jennifer Jones

          Novemeber 22nd   2012

    Joe Jacoby

    Outside event: NIC Jazz Band Show

On the night of November 15th   I took my family to see the NIC jazz concert, now I have never

been to see any live Jazz performance nor do not even listen to it. I am a very open minded person and

knowing that my fiance has some past experience with jazz I knew it would be enjoyable.   The Jazz

concert was surprisingly entertaining throughout the entire performance. Upon arriving at the school I

was very unsure as to what I was about to see and whether or not I would be able to identify what it

was that I was seeing. So as the performance began and the choir, which I might add was rather small,

entered the stage I knew I would enjoy myself as I was in choir for 2 years and do enjoy live singing!

So as the choir began I immediately noticed that this type of music has these sounds that they consider

lyrics that are not actually words! That took me a couple songs to adjust to but I then saw how it really

tied it all together, like jazz is not about the lyrics but more importantly about the feeling it creates, the

mood it sets and the way that jazz impeccably creates this soulful, deep calmness. Everyone was

wearing formal black and looked professional as I believe it wouldn't have had the same effect if they

were dressed casually. So as I am watching the choir sing and take their turns with their solos I am

repeatedly noticing one specific female vocalist. This girl is obviously feeling the beat, she is swaying

her hips, tapping her hand on her thigh and I immediately noticed her perfect pronunciation with the

way she used her mouth as I learned in choir. So my eyes are locked on this girl and I am wondering to

myself, why has she not had a solo yet? As the soloists belt it out I notice that the main strategy is to

use these vowels, They are expressing such...

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