Nhs Was the Most Important Reformpassed by Clement Attlee.

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Question: Do you agree with the view that the NHS was the most important domestic reform passed my Clement Attlee’s Labour government of 1945-50? Use sources 4, 5 and 6 and your own knowledge. During the time Labour were in power, from 1945-50, several vital reforms had been passed by Clement Attlee, Labour’s leader. The reforms were desperately needed due to the consequences of a stricken Britain after the Second World War. Britain urgently needed to be revived both economically and socially, and that is what the people demanded. The National Health Service can be seen as the most important reform; however there were also several other reforms passed during Labours time in power. In this essay, I will assess the importance of the NHS reform along with the other reforms. A major reform that Labour introduced was the National Health Service. The NHS was a vital reform that changed the lives of millions. Source 5, an article, states that the “NHS was a God send and has relieved so many of pain, suffering and death, or a lack of money to do anything…….most beneficial reform.” This shows the NHS is an important reform as it drastically improved health and living conditions throughout Britain. The NHS would provide free health care to each and every citizen, whom may otherwise not been able to access and was described to provide “from cradle to grave” inferring that the NHS will cater for you your whole life. This was seen highly by people and a “God send” because before the NHS, people would suffer because they could not afford to see a doctor. However, the NHS also had several negatives. Prescriptions began to be charged for due to the economic deficit that lay in the economy. Also a problem known as the ‘dandruff syndrome’ occurred. Due to the free of charge health service, people loved the NHS and would visit for each and every issue, regardless of severity. This
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