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NHS HR PLANNING BY Unknown Report MARCH 2013 Context Page: Introduction Section A Section B Introduction 1.0 In this report, I have been asked to carefully analyse the situation that the Health service in the UK are facing. The case study focuses on the NHS and their plan to increase the numbers of qualified doctors and nurses. However, with changes there are going to affects taking place within the industry and the aim for the Government is to avoid as much disruption as possible whilst still getting the best possible services to those patients. Environment 2.0 The economy is facing recession and with the Government announcing huge budget cuts, changes to National Health Service can be very controversial. The plan is to get more qualified doctors in and ensure more nurses stay beyond their retirement age which is 55. With the government looking abroad, only 16,000 overseas nurses registered in Britain which meant that 16,000 people migrated in the UK in order to cover for the shortage. This will have a long-term impact on the economy. The difficulty the Government will face is ensuring that the doctors and nurses have the right qualification and skills needed in order to successfully treat patients to the highest standard. Good quality service is essential however, the Government also aim to cut down on waiting time which means faster and better services are needed. However it isn’t only the Government, who have expectation from employees, the employees themselves will have expectations from employers. Employees want to gain reassurances from their employer regards to their working condition and working hours. Employees also want to be kept up to date with regular training schemes in order to provide the standard of service that the Government expect. With this, it will mean that some legislations and regulation will have to checked

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