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What does being a member of NHS mean to you? Reflect on the organization’s principles of service, knowledge, leadership, and character, and explain what unique qualities or contributions you can offer to the club. Please keep your response under 250 words. Essays should be typed. Being a member of the National Honor Society would mean to me being a leader and hopefully a positive influence to my peers. It recognize students with outstanding grades, commendable characters, and leadership. NHS members are expected to not only provide service for those who are in need, but also act as a role model, and influence his or her peers in a positive and responsible manner. I’m focused in academics, but also, have outstanding character. I am a member of the Swim Team and Water Polo team. I have learned from being on these teams to cooperate alongside a group of people, settle conflicts, and lead when needed. These characteristics can be used in anything, whether its in the water, National Honors Society, at work, or in the community. Last year I volunteered in a debate tournament helping run the popcorn machine. The head of Best Buddies club came over to me and mentioned how she had always wanted one for the club. I took initiative figuring a way to raise money, recruited a helper and was able to meet that goal. Beside creating neighborhood flyers I spent time going door to door asking to wash cars or clean windows in efforts of raising the money needed. Enough money was earned to purchase the popcorn machine Dr. Finfer wished for. To some, my demonstration of service can be seen as leadership. Being inducted into the National Honor Society would not only be a privilege, but also an

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