Nghtmares Waltz Essay

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Nightmare's Waltz The sleep doesn't come... I can't even come to the sleep. So much running in my head. Death of an old life... Birth of a new one... Old friends, new friends, people who Used to be friends, people Who want to be friends... The same song keeps playing Over and over Soothing Yet oh so haunting ... A waltz, And the nightmare Is your partner. Spin around And around and around and around and around And around and around and around And around and around The ballroom ... Shapes and faces Become a Blur & the nightmare Becomes reality Solitude? Or loneliness? Loneliness in your solitude? Or solitude in your loneliness? Which is your haven, Your hell Run towards one Away from the other I'd choose solitude-it's friendlier... More freedoms Less boundaries More opportunities to go away and Hide in your own mind... But loneliness has been A faithful companion these last 16 years... Now that you're gone, Life has been...unbearable... Although... Life is never easy; Just more manageable... Less to worry about, Less to ponder They were right; Heartbreak comes in the form of The devil Devilishly handsome, devilishly cunning Devilishly wicked Stunning grey eyes... Or blue ones perhaps.... Doesn't matter, As long as the windows to the soul are open, right? Wrong Right Down Up Hell Heaven Black White Demons Angels It doesn't matter anymore This one is for them Those who've been Blinded by the light of a Million fantasies Those who played with The pretty little spark One too many times, and Got burnt ... This is for them And you? You're just one Of a million How's it feel having 999,000 others like you? Terrible, huh? Or maybe a bit lonely, Knowing that you will never be "unique" Sucks,

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