Nfl Vs College Football Essay

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Football is football right? Well, yes and no. The pads are equally padded, the fields are the same size, and the basic fundamental rules are the same. When comparing the NFL and the college game there are plenty of similarities, but there are also several key differences present. It's been argued over the years as to which one is superior, but a decisive conclusion has never been reached. The main topics of debate can usually be broken down into some categories of major differences: the players, the culture, and the physical game itself. The most glaring and obvious difference between the college and pro game would have to be the players. First and foremost, NFL players are bigger stronger and faster than collegiate players by a significant margin. The reason for this is that the scouts for NFL teams only comb the college ranks for prototypical NFL-type players. When drafting, professional teams look for intelligence, height, speed, and strength. They have clear cut standards for these and often stick to them with very little exception. This is why only a small fraction of college players make it to the NFL. In college the players come fresh out of high school and their bodies are either still growing or they're still unaccustomed to their size. They may have the frame but the muscle and coordination of the muscles has not developed yet. This is the reason why there is a rule in place that forces kids to be in college for at least three years before they go to the NFL. Their bodies and minds need to mature before they can play at the NFL level. There is a tremendous weight increase per position when comparing NFL and college players which is referred to as maturation weight. This is the weight needed for the body to hold up against the hits delivered on the professional level. Skinny players generally have shorter careers because their bodies can’t take the

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