Nfl Lockout Effect On Small Businesses

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Written Assignment: Analyze the logic of an article HU260 Strategies for Decision Making When we use the elements of reasoning model to analyze the logic of this article, we need to include all elements to ensure complete accuracy. The elements help us analyze the purpose and question of the article, the relevant information, the implications, the assumptions and the author’s point of view. I will identify all elements of reasoning within the article, “What an NFL lockout would mean to small businesses”. The main purpose of this article is to show what effects an NFL lockout would have on small businesses within the different NFL cities. The key question that the author is addressing is whether or not businesses will lose profit or be forced to shut down. The most important information in this article is NFL Sundays account for 1/3 of businesses income in a given year, the study highlighting the potential impact of a canceled NFL season, and the effect an NFL lockout would have on small businesses. The main conclusion is that a season without football would severely impact small businesses. If we take a look at this, the implications are some businesses would lose as much as $750,000 in gross income for the year, each NFL city stands to lose about $160 million in revenue and lose 115,000 jobs, and the impact of the American economy would be much deeper. While we look at this argument, revolving primarily around profit loss, it will greatly impact our nation’s economy and have a massive effect of small businesses, and possibly put some out of business. We all hope that the NFL continues to work on an agreement in order for businesses to stay afloat and a year without NFL football is just Un-American.

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