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NFL Lockout This article found on explains the NFL Lockout in 2011. This lockout led to the first work stoppage since 1987, and put the 2011 football season in jeopardy. This case involved the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), and the National Football League (NFL). The reason this lockout began was because the NFL and NFLPA couldn’t agree on a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA). This case began because the NFLPA filed paperwork because they could not come to an agreement with the NFL to negotiate an acceptable CBA. Because they were not able to agree, the union decertified, so the NFLPA had the ability to sue the NFL for antitrust violations. 10 players were involved in this case but Tom Brady and Peyton Manning were the two main plaintiffs of this case. The NFLPA was unable to divvy up $9 billion a year. The union could not negotiate and come to an agreement in the case. The NFL argued that the decertification from the NFLPA was a “sham”, and the players believed that the CBA gave them the right to decertify. The CBA stated if the players did not decertify before the agreement expired, they would not be able to sue the NFL for antitrust violations. Therefore, the players filed decertification so they could file the antitrust lawsuit. This case concluded by the union walking away from the mediation process, no one had come to an agreement. The NFL offered, maintaining the amount of games, instituting a rookie wage, creating new year-round health safety rules, established a fund for retired players, and financial disclosure of audited profitability information. The union is still not content with the way that the case ended and they will try to change the collective bargaining

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