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Nfl Head Injuries Essay

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  • on May 30, 2013
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Baden Pederson

Has the NFL done enough to prevent head injuries to players?

Professional football has always been a grueling sport to play. There has always been the tough contact and the strong desire just to hit someone as hard as you can. In recent years the awareness of concussions and the after effects of head injuries have increased. The NFL has recently been enforcing strict rules regarding helmet to helmet hits and are now fining and suspending players who commit vicious tackles or helmet to helmet hits. Some people and many players are upset about these newly enforced rules and believe that the NFL is trying to take away the toughness and violence necessary for good football whereas another handful of people agree and want to have these new rules to help protect the players during and after their football careers. The NFL has done and continues to do a good job of keeping players safe, the problem is not the committee but the players themselves.
In recent years the amount of concussions has not increased but the amount of players coming out and saying that they are having head problems has. Many players, retired and current, have said that they have gotten a concussion and played through it in order to stay in the games. Returning to play too quickly is dangerous to the brain, and can cause repeat brain injury and worse symptoms (Johnston, Moore, and Thompson).   Research done on brains of deceased football players by Dr. Ann McKee, an associate professor of neurology and pathology at Boston University, found 13 out of 14 brains to have chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).   McKee comments, “I can say confidently that this is a distinctive disorder that you don't develop in the general population; in fact, I have never seen this disease in any person who doesn't have the kind of repetitive head trauma that football players would have" (King).   Her research demonstrates the severe effects of head injuries and why it is...

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