nfl draft procedures and rules Essay

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Events Leading to The NFL Draft 1 Events That Lead to The NFL Draft Followed By The Draft Order Why is it that the NFL Draft seems to have become such a huge event for football fans all over the United States? Being that the NFL Draft takes place in the off season shows that football fans are eager to see who will be in the line up. This might be that people think their favorite football team would become better statistically with the right draft picks. This may be true in most cases but in some, it is definitely not. There are many college football player's that perform very well overall, but only a few get chosen or even qualified to attend the NFL Draft. Even then, there are multiple tasks that have to be completed before getting into the draft pool; there are events that have to be accomplished as well as rules and regulations that have to be followed to complete the whole process. All college football player's that are recognized for their skillful achievement are invited to attend the NFL Scouting Combine. College football players that were not invited but think that they have a good chance making it to the NFL, can still apply for the NFL draft. All players must apply no later than January 15 to begin the picking process. Once invited, major college teams that are known to produce a large quantity of NFL prospects hold an event that is called, “Pro Day”. Pro day consist of multiple events where an athlete is tested on speed and strength for the players weight and size. NFL scouts are allowed to come to the event because it is believed that athletes performing at their very own colleges feel more comfortable and therefore should perform better. This will give athletes the opportunity to build their confidence for when they do attend the NFL draft.

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