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Game of Change Terry Harrold ENG 122: English Composition II Instr: Laura Carter September 01, 2014 References: Groove, J.P. (2012). Three and Out: The NFL Concussion Liability and How Players Can Tackle the Problem. Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment & Technology Law, Spring 14(3): 649-691. The New Journal of Medicine conducted and published a study stating that players should not play football after suffering three or concussions. The NFL formed a committee of its own doctors that Determined that these findings were not true and they said that there is no long-term repcussions existing after experiencing a concussion while playing football. There are numerous Neurosurgeon articles to support the flaws in the studies done by…show more content…
Proposed by retired judge Layn R. Phillips on August 29, 2013. The research in this article tells the exact numbers and just how much money the NFL loss in the settlement and much would continue to lose if they did not make the game safer. The facts in this article are important to me because it shows how much the NFL stands to lose and how this puts an emphasis on rule changes. Lazarus, A. (2011). NFL Concussions and Common Sense. Physician Execute, 37(1). 6-9 This article is about how the NFL has made errors handling concussions- related injuries in the past. Setting new guidelines for managing concussions in the future. How research shows a player a concussion should not be permitted to play in the absence of consciousness or with manifestation of confusion, amnesia, and other neurological symptoms. This talk about extreme cases like the one of former Arizona Cardinal QB Kevin Kolb. The research is important to me as I investigate how the NFL is Changing the way the game is being played to prevent cases like Kevin Kolb. Smith, R.K. (2013). SOLVING THE CONCUSSION PROBLEM AND SAVING PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL. Thomas Jefferson Law Review,35(2),

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