Nfl Commissioner vs. Nfl Players

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NFL Commissioner vs. NFL Players The National Football League (NFL) is an increasingly dangerous sport as athletes get stronger, faster, and become better students of the game through technology and training. As the athletes get better, stronger, and faster, the competition further increases. In the heat of competition to become better in their respective arena, reward programs have grown significantly. What is wrong with football’s reward-for-play programs? Are football’s reward-for-play programs inherently dangerous to other athletes or detrimental to the integrity of the league and the safety of the players? As society becomes increasingly more aware of brain injuries, concussions, and the results from these high impact sports especially football. Football has become heavily scrutinized in regards to brain injuries and has come to the forefront as post NFL career suicides are on the rise. These activities have shined a light on the reward for play programs that have always been around for ages. Not only have they shined a light on these programs, but they have actually put these programs under the microscope, ethically and morally. Remember as a kid playing pee wee football? We received stars or stickers to apply to our helmets for outstanding plays, scoring points, or strong play during the game. The most decorated helmets were worn by the best players on the field. This is true all the way up through the college level. I do not see much difference from then as pee wee football players, high school players, college players and now as the players of the NFL. The exception is the reward; then stickers were for athletes playing for fun or trying to make it to the next level and now cash rewards or bonuses for players who now play football for their source of income or livelihood. These reward programs for the same type of plays that have significant impacts to

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