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The Complete Beginners Column A) The advice given in the first four paragraphs is that you should sit down in one quiet place and just think about what you are writing. Try not to get distracted and like going to make yourself a cup of tea or coffee to just waste some time. The text also says that you should make a routine for yourself and not just write once a month or once a fortnight but for as many hours that you can manage. It also suggests that if you are busy and you don’t have enough time to write everyday that you should at least write three times a week. It suggests that you force yourself to write on the days that you cant be bothered to write because every good author will tell you that writing is not an easy task but if u set yourself a goal of lets say 1000 words you should complete it before you give up. B) The last few paragraphs say that that you have to set yourself a target and you should not give up before that target is complete it also says that even if you sit down and you cant decide what to write about that you should just write the opening paragraph of a story or a magazine so that at least you have done something in that day and that you did not just waste the whole day thinking and staring at a blank piece of paper. It also says that writing is a skill and just like all other skills it has to be learnt and perfected but the most effective way to learn is reading. Also just like most other skills practice makes perfect and after awhile of practice you will be able to write just off any idea that floats in your head! C) The text starts with a rhetorical question ‘so you want to be a writer?’ and the person asking you the question isn’t expecting an answer from you as if you did not want to be a writer because if you did not want to become a writer you wouldn’t be reading this text that he has

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