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Along with finals and AP exams, the SATs are one of the most dreaded tests students take. Although most students attempt to study by themselves, many don’t know where to start. The Purple Tide is here to help with a variety of suggestions from both teachers and students. Barbara Clougherty, AP Language and Composition teacher, gave tips and advice for the English component. “The most important thing to do is read, and read a lot,” she said. She recommended student to read lots of books and take practice tests. She further emphasized the importance of reading by providing the statistic that “those who score in the 90th percentile on average read 40.4 minutes per day. People in the 50th percentile read about 12.2, and those in the 60th read about 1.2.” As for the writing section, Clougherty urges students to study the repeating patterns that are hidden in the questions. She claims that a student’s writing score can be brought up “with the right guidance as long as they [teacher] sit down and teach you [the student] patterns of questions to look for.” AP Statistics teacher John King gave critical advice for the math component of the SAT; a common struggle amongst most students. King claims that the SATs are important in determining someone’s ability in math for several reasons. “The SATs tell you whether or not you’ve grasped the abilities given to you and what you’ve accomplished,” King said. He strongly urged students to study basic geometry, trigonometry, statistics and probability. He also recommended students to use preparation books. Overall, he claims that the most important thing to do is “to relax. Certainly test anxiety is something you want to avoid.” Career center specialist Alice Robertson recommended that students prepare for the test but not overly stress about them. “The SATs are like a

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