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An ideal management structure in a newspaper or broadcast channel is one which ensures free flow of information, allows informed comment and unbiased analysis. In any organization, including a newspaper, authority flows from the top. Therefore, the most important person in the organization is one who occupies the highest position and directs all other activities. It is usually the Managing Director or the Chief Executive Officer. These are the top people who coordinate all activities in the running of the newspaper or broadcast channel. The MD or the CEO coordinate the work of all departments and it is to them that all disputes are referred to. Both report to the Board or the managing committee (headed by the chairman). The board decides the policy matters and objectives of the newspaper/channel, profits to be targeted and the pace of progress to be maintained. The board also specifies the activities to be undertaken and defines how the relationships between all departments should be. The board does not take part in the day-to-day operations but allows the departments to run on specific parameters while granting them certain degree of freedom. All departments function directly under the MD/CEO, but the editorial decisions (selection of news, display, layouts etc) are the complete prerogative of the editor. In short, the board or the top management: a) Decides objectives, policies b) Prepares estimates of budget c) Financial adjustments like loans d) Decides ad rates, selling price of the paper e) Launching new editions or closing existing ones f) Organisation control and discipline g) Evaluating overall

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