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Welcome back to those of you with children in Years 1 and 2, and a warm welcome to our new intake parents who will meet with class teachers next week! I hope everyone had a well deserved rest over the summer and that adults managed to take a break from work. The children and staff have, on the whole, returned healthy, full of energy and enthusiasm for the new school year ahead. We celebrated two weddings and two new babies during the holidays. Ms. Jackson returns as Mrs. Fettroll and Ms. Kennedy returns as delivered a healthy son in late July. George (who visited us yesterday) is a brother for delivered a 9lb 9oz brother for Freddie in mid August. Harry continues to thrive and will come into to meet us all soon. had been on long term sick leave, resigned her post at the end of last term. Mrs.pose has a long association with our school, during the latter part of her employment she was responsible for the first aid and welfare of the children and staff – a job she always carried out with great expertise, commitment, discretion and care. The children and staff will send her our good wishes and gratitude for all she has done for generations of John children and families. If you would like to make a donation to a gift for Mrs. Rose please return the slip at the bottom of this newsletter and include any message from your family that you would like us to copy into her card. You will have realised that we have not yet completed the small number of improvements carried out during the school closure. These were managed well by Tony Collins, supported by Steve Silver, but proved a challenge. Various repairs and maintenance jobs have been carried out: A rewire of the kitchen and many electrical upgrades throughout the school. Some repairs to the Foundation Stage flat roof and a rendering of the front of the school after the render failed in places

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