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Page 3 The Norwegian Chronicles, April 12th, 1521 Local News ________________________________________________________________________ Late King Rises from the Dead Last night, at the castle of the Norwegian king, Claudius, a ghost appeared. There were four guards present when this strange occurrence happened: Francisco, Barnardo, Horatio and Marcellus. The ghost appeared at one o’clock and Marcellus said that the ghost had appeared twice before at the same time. The guards said that the ghost looked very much like the ghost of the late King and was wearing the armour in which the late king of Denmark was buried and the same armour he had on during the Norway combat. The ghost disappeared when Horatio dared it to speak, but then reappeared later. Marcellus took action and struck the spirit with his spear, but with no effect. The ghost vanished once again when the rooster crowed right before it seemed the ghost was going to speak. Horatio said “This bodes some strange eruption of our state”. He believes that these occurrences follow the battle in which Hamlet killed Fortinbras, the rival of the late king. In this fight all the lands of Fortinbras were given to the king of Norway, and now the son of Fortinbras also called by the same name, has gone on a mission to recapture these lost territories with the help of his thugs. Barnardo concurred and said “Well may it sort that this portentous figure comes armèd through our watch so like the king that was and is the question of these wars.” Should these appearances be a concern? Well, Horatio for one said “A mote it is to trouble the mind's eye… as harbingers preceding still the fates and prologue to the omen coming on, have heaven and earth together demonstrated unto our climatures and countrymen.” This event concluded with Horatio deciding to tell young Hamlet

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