King Hamlet: The Poisonous Death Of A Beloved King

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The ‘Poisonous’ death of a beloved King At 6:01 p.m. on December 1 4, 1568, leader of Denmark King Hamlet was poisoned by his younger brother Claudius. King Hamlet had been resting in his garden at Elsinore Castle in Denmark, when, without warning, he was poisoned. The deadly poisoned was poured through his right ear rapidly travelling to the rest of the body. King Hamlet was immediately death before anyone notices what had happened. It is rumored that Claudius poisoned his older brother because the jealousy and hunger for power. In outrage of the murder many loyal people of Denmark took the street of Denmark in a massive wave of riots which resulted in violence and controversy. The body was found by one of the king’s closest servants, Gentlemen of the Bedchamber, who was on his way to inform King Hamlet that dinner was served.…show more content…
I cried out for help immediately.” Police were called to the Elsinore Castle in Denmark after having found King Hamlets dead body, the Police initially treated the scene as a homicide. “I can’t get into what they saw, but based on information received during those interviews, it leads me to believe that King Hamlet’s death was in fact a murder and Claudius is our top suspect.” said Denmark police Det. Hank

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