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Media is one of the common medium ways where people can get the information; media is basically used in people’s everyday life where it can be distribution of fact, opinion, entertainment, and other kind of information. As the world changes into a modern way, the media also developed into some higher technological system. Therefore, it turns out to be a commonplace that the media is divided into ‘old’ and ‘new’. In these days, old media changes its time into a new transition of a new media-media environment, and this industries are being transformed by powerful technological, economic, and social forces. The old media is not going anywhere and it will keep on continue and develop for years. The new media communication forms come out in the political media sphere and it stimulates the public curiosity; then the new media comes with the new development of technology where it can enlarge and expand the power and control the information to individual users and groups. The new communication and The old media such as television, radio, print media, others where there are common mediums for gaining information, and it is really capable for many people; however, the media systems keep developing with the new developed technology such as Internet, and digital technology. People could still get the same news, and information in a quicker way and more efficient way by having online internet, the digital technology keeps developing. For instance, people can easily get and buy the book from the internet online such as from where the site is actively interact between the users in order to fulfill their needs, it actually much more efficient with the developed technological system. Media in all it’s form, print or electronic is a mirror of the times and society we live they have an big impact on the way we think it connects us to the world and the world to us media

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