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NEWS VIEWS INSIGHTS : GAMBLING ADDICTION What motivates gambling addicts? Section: Review By: LI XIUPING Publication: The Straits Times 26/04/2010 Page: A16 No. of words: 592 BY LI XIUPING FOR THE STRAITS TIMES SINCE Resorts World Sentosa opened as Singapore's first casino early this year, there have been cases of people committing fraud or running up large gambling losses. In anticipation of this, several initiatives such as exclusion orders were introduced. Exclusion orders allow individuals to apply to be barred from entering casinos here because of their gambling addiction. Families of problem gamblers can also seek these orders. Singapore is only the second country in the world after Australia to have such a social safeguard. The number of calls in February and last month to the National Council on Problem Gambling's helpline has more than doubled. The nature of the calls has also changed. Callers used to seek information about gambling addiction. Now, they seek advice on how to deal with gambling addiction. The number of self-exclusion orders has also risen. To identify and treat their addiction more effectively, we need to know what motivates problem gamblers. Some are driven to gamble because it is a form of self-medication: They use it to escape from negative emotional states, such as depression and stress. Others become addicted to gambling because they gain pleasure from it. Thus, there are two types of gambling addicts: self-medicating gamblers and pleasure-seekers. While the motivation of problem gamblers may vary, we found that there are demographic and behavioural characteristics associated with each of the two types of gambling addicts. Self-medicating gambling addicts, more than pure pleasure-seeking gamblers, are more likely to have other substance dependencies or addictions besides gambling.
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