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Maggie Painter Painter 1 Mrs. Brown AP Eng 12, Section 3 23 August 2012 In the early broadcasting days, men ruled the news room. Women were only good enough to get coffee and doughnuts for the anchors, but not good enough to be one. If you have ever seen Anchor Man, you know men have had a hard time succumbing to the fact that the careers has evolved to a point where it's normal for women to be an important part of the news team. Being a news anchor might look easy, but that is only because the professionals on screen are highly trained. News anchors have to respond to breaking news rapidly and professionally, offering comment, interpretation, and information for viewers or listeners. A news anchor is a local celebrity, so they get a little taste of the glam and not so much of the tabloids. On the arduous journey to the news desk, one will encounter vigorous studies and fight off many competitors for a chance to be in the spotlight. In order to be a professional news anchor, you must specialize in communications in college. There are prepatory classes you can take in high school to get you started in the broadcasting field, such as an announcements class. Once you graduate from high school, the next step on the career plan is to get a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications. This course teaches the theories of communication, journalism, persuasion, news, and public relation strategies. These are introductory courses that give inexperienced communication students an insight on the many types of news media.(News Reporter Education Requirements) This insight helps them commit to the type of news media they are most interested in. If one chooses broadcasting, this schedule would entail courses such as television operations, audio and visual production, and advanced broadcast news reporting. At most universities, an internship is a crucial step in

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