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Summary : In the wake of Japan's nuclear crisis,Germany decided to stop the use of nuclear power by 2022. Some experts think that Germany's phase-out plan is an unwise decision and they pointed out the correct action is to take a pause and learn lessons after Fukushima but not close down nuclear power. And some say Germany's phase-out plan will also risk boosting greenhouse gas emissions by helping fossil fuel producers. Comment : In my own opinions, I support Germany's decision of planning to shut down its nuclear plants. Chernobyl disaster and Japan's nuclear crisis has told us how dangerous the nuclear power is ,and what are the adverse and potential impacts of nuclear disaster. It is time for us to learn lessons from the incidents and gradually quit the use of nuclear power. It is irresponsible for those countries which still support nuclear power. They should have noticed that once there was a nuclear incident, it will not only be a regional crisis. Besides, the loss and impacts caused by the nuclear incident are unpredictable and wide. Some may say nuclear incident is preventable. However, no one could promise and guarantee that there will not be any nuclear incident, right? Then, please say no to atomic energy. Certainly, it is impossible for us to stop using nuclear energy and pull down all the nuclear power plants in no time. On the contrary, It takes times and determination to get rid of the dependence on nuclear power. Also, some may concerns that pulling the plug on nuclear power will boost the uses of fossil fuels and thus increase the emissions of greenhouse gases. Yet I think it is a good chance for the governments to speed up the development and wider the use of renewable energy. Nuclear power can bring benefits to us, however, the cost behind it is too

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