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The News Does the news and media who report on important stories and current events really affect our lives? What rules have the new and the other forms of media played in manufacturing ideas and contributed to the shaping of popular sentiment? Those are just a couple of questions that way may ask ourselves when we analyze how the news and the media go about reporting their stories. The news stations are all about keeping their audience entertained long enough so that they will not turn the channel and watch and watch another channel of the news. People watch the news to be informed in current event not only happening locally, but around the world, but it is evident that the news and the media have taken steps back on reporting important and relevant news, but are instead more concerned with entertaining their audience with irrelevant news and making their profits from advertisements. Many will argue that the news on television is the best place to get information on current events and everything else that is happening all around the world. In fact, other believe that although the news is a great source of information it is not always the best place to get information on current events and every day news. The news tends to focus on the less important things in life. You may ask yourself why the news would do that. They want to show and talk about topics that they believe will lure more viewers in and become a part of the audience that is already watching their station. News stations are all about the numbers and the money the get form their advertisers. The news talks about topics that they believe are “juicy”. The news focuses on stories the will boost their rating. It is all a competition with the other news stations. In the article Voices and Visions: The Media, the author argues that “hard news and human interest stories and blurred. Such stories are

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