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NEWCORP LEGAL SCENARIOS BUSINESS LAW Legal Encounter 1 In the given situation NewCorp is liable for having to follow the guidelines of what the handbook states on the given situation with Pat. Pat has the right to sue NewCorp given the fact that when he was hired on he signed the handbook which in it, it has a section that is Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance/Corrective Action Plan. In this section of the handbook it states that if any employee has a deficiency in their job they are to be put on a Corrective Action Plan and if the performance does not improve they can be terminated. Therefore in a court NewCorp can be found in breach of contract, since the employee handbook is a signed contract. As well as the fact that Pat feel that because of him voicing an opinion on the school board, which has nothing to do with NewCorp, this may have contributed to his termination since the senior management did not like what he had to say and was unfriendly to him. It was established in the 1960s that employees cannot be terminated for freedom of speech; therefore Pat has a great case against NewCorp for terminating him. Legal Encounter 2 NewCorp is at liability of having a sexual harassment lawsuit brought against them from Paula. Paula may claim in this situation quid pro quo suit, which is where she may claim that Sam is forcing her to following through with the advances he is making on her in order to keep her job. This is causing a hostile working environment for Paula and it is NewCorps job to make it right. Another issue that NewCorp may encounter is the fact that Sam denied Paula’s transfer stating that the position could cause her child, if she became pregnant, to have birth defects, and this is against the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. The PDA states that woman cannot be banned from certain jobs due to she might have issued with pregnancy; this is

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