Newbourgh Conspiracy- Journal Paper

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AMH 2010, Semester 2013 | Journal paper | The Newburgh Address | | Ryan Kelly | 4/22/2013 | | Saturday March 15, 1783 9:00am It’s been four days since we’ve been requested by our General George Washington to not pay heed of the anonymous request to convene at this public building on the Tuesday past and to instead assemble at noon of this day. I agreed with his statement that such initial request from an unknown source would be disorderly and I originally was hesitant to comply earnestly, but since this is a direct request from our esteemed General, how could I now refuse? As I wait here in this new building that consists chiefly of a large low-ceilinged room, roughly 2,800 square feet with a small stage and lectern at one end, I contemplate what the address meant to say and what it means to me1. What bothered me the most about the address was when it said, “—it has conducted the United States of America through a doubtful and a bloody war. It has placed her in the chair of independency, and peace returns again to bless—whom? A country willing to redress your wrongs, cherish your worth and reward your services, a country courting your return to private life, with tears of gratitude and smiles of admiration, longing to divide with you that independency which your gallantry has given, and those riches which your wounds have preserved? Is this the case? Or is it rather a country that tramples upon your rights, disdains your cries and insults your distresses?”2. It appears thus far that the author is right; I have fought, bled and killed many during this war and still we have received nothing for compensation as promised in 1780. It appears that our seven long years of sacrifice would be ignored and, worse, that poverty and misery lay ahead for most of us3. Even still Congress seems to just sit idle and freely dissuades us from our just

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