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New Zealand Food Report

  • Submitted by: sarahseddon
  • on December 7, 2011
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New Zealand Food Report
No matter where you travel to food is a very important part of that nation’s culture. Sometimes the country’s food tells a story of its past. In New Zealand people enjoy many different foods all from very different ethic backgrounds. A lot of the foods they eat have been heavily influenced by the land they live on and its ancestors. Citizens of New Zealand’s food choices are a solid reflection of the land and their ancestors.

New Zealanders’ food choices have been heavily influenced by the land they live on. Even today with all the global importing and exporting they stick to a diet very traditional to their country. Beef, lamb and seafood are the main staples of the New Zealand diet. Some of the other foods they enjoy are abalone and sweet potatoes. An item signature to New Zealand is colonial goose which is a lamb leg seasoned and roasted to resemble a goose in taste and appearance. Traditional desserts are Pavlova, Lamington and Anzac Biscuits. Pavlova is a light fluffy meringue cake commonly dressed with whipped cream and fresh fruit. Lamington is a sponge cake cut into square and coated in chocolate or strawberry icing, then sprinkled with coconut flakes. Anzac biscuits are a delicious cookie made with butter, golden syrup, brown sugar flour coconut flakes and rolled oats. Without New Zealand the world would be deprived of some high- class dining.

In the past fifty years New Zealand’s food choices have changed because of the increase in global importing and exporting. Although importing and exporting have changed the New Zealand diet there are some factors affecting the New Zealand diet haven’t changed in years. The main factor that affects the foods eaten in New Zealand is its geographical location. Not all fruits and vegetables will grow and being on an island makes it more cumbersome to import and export. Sweet potato is a vegetable that grows well in the New Zealand climate therefore it’s become a traditional food. Living...

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