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New Zealand is a beautiful country 1600 kilometres off the south–east coast of Australia. Its land is fertile and green with lush grasslands and bush. New Zealand belongs to the group of islands called Polynesia. Compared to its other sister islands, New Zealand is one of the most developed nation with a modern based economy .New Zealand is made two main islands, the North and the South but also has a few smaller islands scattered off its coast. The two main islands extend in a curve like manor stretching more than 1600 kilometres from tip to toe. New Zealand was once a part of the British Empire but became an independent country of the Commonwealth of Nations. The first people to inhabit New Zealand were a dark skinned people called the Māori. They are believed to have originated from the northern Polynesian islands in a huge hoard of canoes called waka. As they swept the Pacific Ocean they inhabited these small pacific islands such as the Cook Islands and Hawaii. One of the main pieces of evidence we hold is the similarities in languages across the islands. Now there are only a mere 15% of the New Zealand population that are Māori. New Zealand’s standard of living is ranked one of the highest in the world. Its economy was once only reliant on agricultural produce but has recently included import manufacturing and service industries. New Zealand's cultural ethics are still that of a Polynesian island yet still show a resemblance of some British customs. The Māori The Māori were the first people to settle on New Zealand. The Māori people are the native people of New Zealand as are Aboriginals to Australia. The Māori are New Zealand's largest minority group. They are a Polynesian people whose ancestors travelled to New Zealand many, many years ago due to over population. From then to now Māori's and Europeans have intermarried. As a result, a growth in

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