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[pic] By Lora Temyanko Millions of people are suffering out there in the war. With our policy of neutrality, we have no way of helping those in need, those is danger. All of our obstacles are becoming more and more distant, and we can finally join the war. We must join the war. It is quite obvious by now that Germany is not honoring our decision of being neutral. As stated in the policy of neutrality, participants of the war, like Germany, may not attack countries, like the United States, who are neutral. Disregarding this policy, Germany continues to attack our merchant ships entering Great Britain, often with U-boat submarines. As if it hadn’t been enough from sinking the Lusitania, a British passenger liner, before on May 7th, 1915. In this case, the innocent passengers on the boat were not warned by the Germans, like they were supposed to, that they were going to be blown up and sink the ship. Because of this unthinkable action, 1,200 had died, about 120 of them being Americans. We the citizens of the United States are not to be treated like this, especially because of our choice of neutrality. We were fools to think that Germany would stop using unrestricted submarine warfare. In 1917, they returned to this policy once again, destroying many of our own United States merchant ships. Yet again, they had dishonored our choice and had chosen to attack. Sent by Zimmerman, the ambassador of Germany, was a telegram to Mexico saying that if Mexico joined to help Germany(By attacking the United States if we entered war), Germany would help Mexico re-conquer New-Mexico, Texas, and Arizona. Obviously, Germany is attempting to keep us from helping our amazing friends, Great Britain, in the war. Why might they be doing this, people may ask? We are strong. We can do anything. We are America! And it is just in time, too, because recently the Russian Revolt has

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