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New York Times Publication Date: March 16, 2011 “Clinton Days No Second Term For Her” President Obama’s four year term will end in 2012. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State makes it clear that she has no interest in running for president. She says that if Obama is reelected after these 4 years she will not run for office at all. The conversation that Hillary Clinton and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer did not say much. Every question Wolf Blitzer asked Hillary Clinton said no to pretty much every answer. She denies any speculation of her running for president or switching jobs in government. Mr. Blitzer also asked Clinton why she does not want to run for presidency. She replied by saying that she loves her job as Secretary of State and would not trade it for anything. She called it, saying that it is the “best job I could ever have,” She would not want a challenging job after being Secretary of State. She says that she is moving on and absolutely does not want to be President of The United States. Curricular Connection-The Secretary of State is the United States' highest ranking diplomat and the chief advisor in all matters of foreign policy. The role is a cabinet level post, and the Secretary confers directly with the President in setting and carrying out policy relationships with other nations. The Secretary of State serves as the President's principal adviser on U.S. foreign policy, and conducts negotiations with executives in other countries relating to U.S. foreign affairs. The 22nd amendment placed limits on presidential terms. A President now can only serve two years or only once if they became President due to succession. Link:

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