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Diversity versus unanimity I have been living in a small town since my early childhood. Now I am at the age to apply to a university. I will not hesitate, I will definitely choose New York. New York is one of the most populous city in the USA. I hope that after I graduated, I can settle down and work here. Big cities are especially good for ambitious, young people, like me. To begin with, big cities offer lot of opportunities to relax, and plenty of entertaining facilities can be found. There are several theaters, art galleries and cinemas where you can spend some great time. You can see several famous exhibits, which you could not see in a smaller town. Moreover, meeting people from various cultures and even get acquainted with their languages is one of my major reasons why I prefer big cities. Such diversity is one of the best choice, to see the world without travelling anywhere. Secondly, it is more likely to get a job in New York, because more workplaces are porvided. Even if one can not find a proper job, can easily go on a course to educate oneself further. I think if I get a chance to work part-time, I will grab the opportunity and beside my studies I will gain practice in certain fileds. On the top of that, there are better conditions in a city, streets are better kept and shops are better supplied. There are big hypermarkets and plazas with a wide choice of goods and you can find everything under one roof. In addition, the hospitals and the specialised health services are more easily accessible than from a village. On the other hand, in a village, people are friendly, close to nature and the atmosphere is clean. There is no air pollution or crowd. You can grow your own vegetables and fruit, and gardening might be a relaxing hobby. You can enjoy tha sight of green trees and pastures the sound of twittering birds and the silent nights. However,

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