New To Health Care Essay

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New to Health Care Adrianne Dore’ University of Phoenix Health Care Vocabulary HCS/212 Katina Gilmore RN MSN October 04, 2011 New to Health Care The history of health care is interesting and provides information on how it started, the importance of health coverage, and why it continues to be a growing concern among citizens in the United States. Amazingly, the health care system did not always exist according to an internet source. In fact, before 1920, most people had no healthcare coverage, ("U.S. Healthcare History", 2011 Humana). The fact remains everyone needs treatment one time or another and becoming a health care professional with a caring heart and determination to provide care and treatment to those who need it was most interesting. Pursing one or more areas of healthcare is challenging but rewarding because it allows him or her to use the skills and training received from school to make a difference in people’s lives. Many may choose one area of health care to become involved while others prefer to learn several areas. For some people life experiences can have an impact on the direction he or she may take in establishing a career. Vital care of a close family when faced with a condition that made it difficult for him to perform functions such as going to the bathroom or eating led to choosing the healthcare profession. Health Administration and Long Term Care is an extensive area of health care. Yet demanding the field requires dealing with people and contains several areas of personal interest. Although hospitals may be the main area of concentration, the position deals with other essential areas of healthcare such as outpatient clinics, group practices, and nursing homes. All areas are just as important as the next and require the same amount if not more dedication and determination. The outcome may be different for each person but
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