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New Terrors Essay

  • Submitted by: dbender
  • on May 10, 2008
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New Terrors

President Bush has called upon the authority vested in his position and used his presidential powers to a higher capacity than any other president in United States history.   Manipulating the system can be very difficult and time consuming for the President’s administration, but it is well worth pursuing to pass its own agenda.   By securing an unprecedented amount of presidential power, and using meaningless rhetoric, Bush began to use his ultimate weapon. His ultimate power is within his title, and the rhetoric he publishes as this authority. When he makes a statement, the credibility of the American government is attached to the message.   His ultimate weapon is the ability to abuse this position for the single minded agenda that his administration has pursued during his two terms in office.   This ultimate weapon hurt his American constituents in many ways, with fear as a motive for this actions. The system of checks and balances must be steadily maintained to maximize efficiency of the system.   If the President can become an all knowing and all achieving power, then he becomes not a representation of our country, but he will yield a totalitarian power upon his citizens.   President Bush has used the threat of terrorism throughout his presidency to forward his own agenda; this stage was set at the turn of the last century where the threat of terrorism began.
Securing unprecedented amounts of presidential power began in the 2000 Presidential Election. Dialogue during this election between George W. Bush and Democratic candidate Al Gore was many times driven by the threat of terrorism. This was an easy win for Republican candidates because of their rhetoric within the Republican’s 2000 Presidential Platform. Chairman Governor Tommy Thompson was the head of this committee and as the platform states:
…we must prepare for the most dangerous threats as well as the most likely ones. Therefore the United States must be extremely vigilant about the...

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