New Technologies and Their Applications to and Implications for Learning Essay

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Introduction “Technology is more than just computers and networks. Technology has been part of the learning process from the beginning, whether it was writing instruments, printed books, or audiovisual media” (ETEC, 2012). Technology is an absolute need we cannot escape, as it has evolved throughout centuries. The world is constantly changing and the need to communicate almost anytime, anywhere, (thanks to more hi-end features being offered) is an important aspect of our daily lives, which cannot only help with the present, but also with approximating the future. In the 1960s Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI) was brought to schools to assist students in learning basic skills and to measure learning gains. Recently, computers and other Web 2.0 Tools (such as iPods, iPads, SMART Boards, e-mail, PowerPoint, social media, wikis, blogs, etc.) have made significant increase on student learning in schools throughout America. Students are learning about and understanding the world around them through the use of these new technologies. “Technology allows students to become much more engaged in constructing their own knowledge, and cognitive studies show that ability is key to learning success,” says New York City-based Queens College vice-president of institutional advancement, Susan Henderson. Technology allows educators to better assist a student and his/her diverse learning styles through meaningful technology based learning. Technology can be used not only as an information management tool, but also as a means of reaching students of diverse backgrounds (Sianjina, 2000). Teachers are able to relate to today’s students who are very media literate, by prompting new approaches to the curriculum, and encouraging developments in teaching skills through the use of technology (Schwarz, 2000), while also helping students make connections with a worldwide community (Davidson,

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