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New System Proposal July 20, 2014 University Of Phoenix New System Proposal In Human Resources personal documentation is kept for employees and on be half of the company. At Riordan Manufacturing the filing system is not coordinated or secure enough to properly assistant where it is needed. The Human resource system is out dated and goes back to 1992. Riordan Manufacturing has upgraded to opening new plants with locations as far as China. The next step for the business to stay up to par would be to upgrade their information system. With an out dated system and having plants located in multiple locations, keeping documentations on all employees could be rather hard with out integrating the company’s system. If Human resources need to locate information on an employee from another plant, obtaining the information would be tedious. Newer technology would be needed to keep proper track of all employee documentation and to keep the communication between plants. There is information stored in accounting, human resources and by the managers through out the company right at this point in time. There is no real central storage area for employee files. To be able to integrate all the information systems from these departments would bring about better communication between human resources and the employees. It will also help see that personal information is safer and easier to access by human Resources or upper management. Managers are required to keep track of employee’s absences and leave from work. This could cause confusion or delay with the payroll system, if not promptly communicated to payroll. By updating the system through integrating would allow all required departments secure, password protected access to needed information. There is too much disconnection between filing systems and department access to the information that

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