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New System Proposal Learning Team A CIS/207 July 3, 2013 Darrel Erickson New System Proposal Learning Team A has great pleasure in submitting a proposal to the Riordan Company in response to their innovation request for standardizing their business and organizational needs. This proposal includes a full description of the system and all of its components, what the system can provide for Riordan, business requirements that drives the need for the system, information used within the system, information security and ethical concerns pertaining to the system, and the system’s future potential that separates itself from other competitors. Capacity Services (CAPSVC) is a fully automated and virtual service that gives our customers total access to their system from an office location or from the comfort of their own homes. Basic systems include; Blade Style Enclosures, Network Accessible Storage (NAS), with several terabytes to company’s needs, Brocade Network Adapters (BNA), for secure data connections and dual fiber redundancy, Vsphere, an advanced software that allows system administrators to access the system from a central location, and real-time system backups with Netbackup, a software that performs live backups or offsite backups of the company’s information. BSS can provide Riordan with the following benefits: unlimited access to expand computing power and the ability to enhance the systems of the company without a lifecycle of all computers, the ability to monitor performance of all systems within the company’s network to include centralized management, scalability of computers that allows you to adjust the computers or servers, the ability to turn up CPUs or ram without having to turn the computers off, real-time backups with Netbackup software, this feature allows the company to perform live backup’s or offsite backups depending

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