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“The Sun Goes Down on Summer” Part 2 New School, Same Me As I stepped foot through the gate of my new high school, CHS, I had a flashback of the same exact moment and feeling someplace else. Last year I had the feeling of starting new and being a “fresh” me atmy old armenian school, which I had attended since preschool. But now that my life has changed and I have to adjust, but that doesn’t mean I have to change who I am. Yes, I did change but yet again I didn’t. Even though I have become more mature, confident, and responsible throughout my high school year, I have still stuck to my true personality because I’d rather have people accept me for who I am, than to lie about myself just to fit in. I am an athlete who plays multiple sports such as soccer, cross country, basketball, and track and field. But now that I have changed from a small private Armenian school to a larger public school, I have to choose one sport (which is basketball). My hopes of freshman year at Pilibos were to have my jersey retired. I still have the same dream at Burbank high, but I know that now the competition will be much harder because there are a wider variety of different skilled athletes who have the same dreams. But I feel that I want to do this mainly to have a unique college application but also, to get accepted into my dream college – Harvard. It has been my goal to reach and graduate from Harvard University since the sixth grade. I have put in all my efforts to accomplish this goal but I still feel like I need to do more. I remember walking into the counselor’s office almost every week asking questions about how to get into Harvard or have a unique application. I feel like the best quality I have in me is my passion, dedication, and hard work towards the things I long for. These characteristics about me will never change. As I say goodbye to the tiny school that taught my

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