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A 1. According to Safraz Manzoor we are all becoming narcissists. He uses the example of Chris Crocker, who after seeing the pop singer Britney Spears making scandal after scandal, put a video on the site “” saying: “Leave Britney alone!” Manzoor means this is deeply narcissistic, because Chris Crocker shared his own sadness for everybody to see. Also Safraz Manzoor refers to a statistic that shows that people are getting more and more done to make themselves prettier with plastic surgery. The person he interviews, Maurizio Viel, says that it is okay to be vain, and that it only helps you to take care of yourself. Manzoor also points out the fact that “the Information Age” is not what it is being put up to be. He says: “200 million MySpace members attempting to interest people in their badly-recorded demos.” Meaning that the internet has a lot of opportunities, but is being used poorly, by the younger people. 2. If you compare the two texts “Student narcissism on the rise” by Janice McDuffee and “Do Today’s Young People Really Think They Are So Extraordinary” by Catherine West, you get two very different opinions about this topic. Catherine West believes that there are no actual studies that suggest young people today are more narcissistic than the young people a couple of years ago. However Janice McDuffee refers to a study from 1982 to 2006, conducted by Jean Twenge, with 16,475 students involved. She says that this generation, “Generation Me”, focuses more on the individual. Twenge’s study shows that: “…feeling good about yourself has always been a primary virtue.” Also the new generation is highly optimistic about the future. West mentions the “Generation Me” in her text, but she finds other sources saying the exact opposite, for example the former president Jimmy Carter. Because she uses the president as one of her sources, her

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