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New nacisisism delprøve 2 engelsk 2008 b In the text Me, Me, Me by Sarfraz Manzoor the writer says a bit about Britney Spears and her comeback. He talks about Chris Crocker, who thinks the world should leave Britney alone! And he talks about why Chris Crocker got the foul idea to upload this shameless video to youtube for the rest of the world to see. Why did Chris Crocker feel need to share his thoughts about Britney to the rest of the world? Manzoor sees this as a clear sign of narcissime. Narcissime, the word, comes from a legend about the young Narcissus, a boy who falls in love with his own reflection and eventually kills himself. Other then being a great story Freud and now modern psychiatrist and sociologists is using this example to describe a phenomenon that can best be refereed to as a personality trait of egotism and vanity in a less severely expressed manner. Manzoor comes with a bunch of other examples of how this narcissism gets form in our modern days; he draws in of example of middle-aged men sitting in waiting rooms for a penis enlargement along with other patients at the nearest cosmetic surgeon. An even better example is thousands of people willing to discard any last kind of dignity they might have got left to show the world that they deserve attention and success despite their obvious lack of talent. As these to examples show, some people fell an urge to show a little extra of in the daily life and in the common media but where this apparently new trend makes itself most noticeable is surely on the internet! On the internet there exists hundreds of million upon hundred more millions of WebPages with the main purpose that is showing of the author to who ever may set the foot on their little cover of the web. The web might very well have become the main battlefield for people to expose themselves, but as said by Author Andrew Keen, this

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