New Medias Essay

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From day to day, our world has been changed gradually from one condition to another. New ideas always come up to the minds of every people to make the living better. Nowadays, technology has advanced in tremendous leaps and bounds. We cannot imagine the world without technological advances such as computer, televisions, and machines and so on. Today, many types of medias are created due to more sophisticated technologies all around the world. Some examples may be the internet, websites, computer multimedia, computer and video games, CD-ROMS, and DVDs. New media do not include television programs, feature films, magazine, books or paper-based publications unless they contain technologies that enable digital interactivity. Besides that, there are also medias used to communicate with others all around the world. Examples of social medias are facebook which is widely used for communicating, twitter, skype, youtube and google . The uses of these medias are very useful for students these days. It allows students to have access anytime, anywhere, on digital devices like mobile phones as well as interactive user feedback. Plus, it helps to update the students about the latest happenings around them . However, there are many advantages and disadvantages of these new medias to the student community. Medias are useful in many ways. For students, it is very important for them to make full use of these medias in their everyday life. Students can gather information from the internet instead of gathering information from books and magazines which takes up a longer period of time. Internet is a widely used media to search for information and many other things and it is time consuming. For instance, google is used by everyone including students all around the world to search and gather useful information. Students can make full use of the internet to search for much useful

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