New Means of Communication Essay

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New Means of Communication vs. Printed Press I. New Means of Communication 1. to transmit signals - to send out electronic signals, messages etc using radio, television, or other similar equipment 2. satellite - a machine that has been sent into space and goes around the Earth, moon etc, used for radio, television, and other electronic communication 3. proliferation - a sudden increase in the amount or number of something 4. fascinating hybrids - an extremely interesting mixture of different things or styles 5. digital - storing information such as sound or pictures as numbers or electronic signals 6. electronic surveillance - the process of carefully watching a person or place using electricity and extremely small electrical parts such as microchips and transistors 7. a gadget - a small tool or piece of equipment that uses new technology 8. a cellular (cell) phone - a telephone that you can carry around with you and use in any place 9. a laptop - a small computer that you can carry with you 10. to download - to move information or programs from a computer network to your computer 11. to update / upgrade - to improve the quality of a service or product and make it more modern 12. to browse / surf - to search for information on a computer, especially on the Internet 13. to hack - to secretly find a way of getting information from someone else's computer or changing information on it 14. a search engine - a computer program used for searching for information on the Internet 15. to serve special-interest groups - to be useful or helpful for a group of people who share the same political or business aims, and who try to influence the government to help them with those aims 16. to process and store a large amount of data - to organize and keep information on a computer
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