New Jim Crow Essay

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Table of Contents Title Page Dedication Acknowledgements Preface Introduction Chapter 1 - The Rebirth of Caste The Birth of SlaveryThe Death of SlaveryThe Birth of Jim CrowThe Death of Jim CrowThe Birth of Mass Incarceration Chapter 2 - The Lockdown Rules of the GameUnreasonable SuspicionJust Say NoPoor ExcuseKissing FrogsIt Pays to PlayWaging WarFinders KeepersThe ShakedownLegal MisrepresentationBad DealTime ServedThe Prison Label Chapter 3 - The Color of Justice Picking and Choosing—The Role of DiscretionClosing the Courthouse Doors—McCleskey v. KempCracked Up—Discriminatory Sentencing in the War on DrugsCharging Ahead— Armstrong v. United StatesIn Defense of the All-White Jury—Purkett v. ElmThe Occupation— Policing the EnemyUnconventional WisdomHollow HopeRace as a FactorThe End of an Era Chapter 4 - The Cruel Hand Brave New WorldNo Place Like HomeBoxed InThe Black BoxDebtor’s PrisonLet Them Eat CakeThe Silent MinorityThe PariahsEerie SilencePassing (Redux)Gangsta LoveThe Minstrel ShowThe Antidote Chapter 5 - The New Jim Crow States of DenialHow It WorksNothing New?Mapping the ParallelsThe Limits of the Analogy Chapter 6 - The Fire This Time Rethinking Denial—Or, Where Are Civil Rights Advocates When You Need Them?Tinkering Is for Mechanics, Not Racial-Justice AdvocatesLet’s Talk About Race—Resisting the Temptation of Colorblind AdvocacyAgainst ColorblindnessThe Racial Bribe—Let’s Give It BackObama— the Promise and the PerilAll of Us or None Notes Index Copyright Page For Nicole, Jonathan, and Corinne Acknowledgments It is often said, “It takes a village to raise a child.” In my case, it has taken a village to write this book. I gave birth to three children in four years, and in the middle of this burst of joyous activity in our home, I decided to write this book. It was written while feeding babies and during nap
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