New Health Medical Case Study

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MEMORANDUM To: Havasu Regional Medical Center From: Maria Guillemard, Human Resource Specialist Subject: New Health Medical Systems Memo Date: July 9, 2012 CC: Chief of Staff There is a new staffing protocol that will be implemented within the hospital that will take effect by the end of the year. These new measures will ensure that all staff are working to their highest potential but still giving superior service to all of their patients in need. These new staffing strategies will meet and uphold our current mission statement and ensure that our staff maintains the highest dignity. These are the proposed ideas to help ensure our new staffing strategies to help ensure that our hospital succeeds into the 21st century. 1. Contact staffing agencies that specialize in placing technicians 2. Organize a job fair and invite local professionals to attend 3. Offer a $1,000 signing bonus to those who stay longer than 180 days The biggest challenge so far for this hospital and many hospitals across the nation is ensuring that they have the specialized doctors and technicians fully staffed in each department. Right now the hospital is understaffed due to budget cuts, so doctors, nurses, techs, who specialize in certain medical fields, are being placed in…show more content…
It is hard to receive adequate care with different staff constantly changing. If a sign on bonus is offered to new staff it entices them stay and make a commitment to their job. Sign on bonuses entice many professionals to seek employment and after 180 day stay, there will be more added benefits like health insurance, 401k, and stock options, paid vacation time. These become essential to many employees as they seek health coverage for themselves and family members, also increases their job security by offering stock options and 401k. Also with the paid vacation options, people can have the option to cash these out for extra spending money as
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