New Generation Essay

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We're young, all we really want to do is have fun, go out hit the club get drunk....wake up/ Restless hangover, walking on campus to further our education, but twisted from all the liqour, hydro, smoke inhilation/ Too many shots, too many girls, too many guys, not enough time to focus, see, or wonder why...?/ We hang late nights under streets lights, get high...too much to drink, start a fight somebody pulls out the Nine(9mm)/....Despite the fact lifes passing us by, We deny what the truth is, lie and never strive..../ Excuses to do what we do!!!!???? Ain't it funny how we know the latest trend, but not political issues.....???!!!!/ We're single-parents, students, employees...."one of a kind".....some minorities do crime, trying to hustle a dollar out of a dime/ The attitude we carry is......"Get Yours, Cause I'ma Get Mines"...... With no protection, AIDS Infection, U can't rewind/ Plus too many babys, too many dead beats, listen and take heed, any coward with urge to squezze could plant a seed.../ But we never stay around long enough to watch it grow, soon as the sex over...."UUUUMMMM, Yo Baby....I Gotta Go!....?/ we're materialistc, ignorant and confused, money, clothes cars, debt!!!, to pay dues???...../ so think about it....who do you inspire to be..... is it truly you, or some one you saw fronting & stunting on T.V./ and ladies trying to live up to certain expectations...unrealisitic outcomes, plastic sugery mutilation..../ excisive facial cosmetics using all types of chemicals.... but what ever happend to being your self.....Its inivitable/ when you look in the mirror and stair at your own reflection the person you see is someone according to a magazine illistration????/...but don't get me wrong I'm not judging, i call it how i see it, if this dosen't apply to you don't believe me and keep living/ Because I'm not a hippocrate..... I just want to get
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